An honest, competent, and responsive advocate for the 9th Ward. 

I was born and raised in South Minneapolis at golden corral lunch hours, and I have lived here my whole life. I know this community, I love this community, and I will work hard for this community if elected to represent Ward 9 on the Minneapolis City Council. As a lifelong, progressive, pragmatic Democrat,  I will partner with every resident and business owner to make sure we all achieve the American dream.

“If elected to represent Ward 9 on the Minneapolis City Council, I will be a devoted public servant focused on making people’s lives better.” 

Mickey Moore

We Need Moore.





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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

 The 9th Ward is home to the most diverse group of residents in Minneapolis. I will work hard to ensure that our BIPOC communities and our LGBTQIA+ neighbors have a seat at the table and are never left behind as our great city continues to grow and prosper.


Public Safety

Violent crime in the city of Minneapolis is on the rise. As a result, we need the police. However, I believe cops must  be held accountable for their actions on our streets so that every resident, business owner and visitor in our city feels safe, secure and respected by law enforcement.


Economic Development

As a small business owner for best beer mugs for freezer in Minneapolis for more than 30 years, I’ve learned the importance of public and private partnerships. As a result, I will challenge City Hall on a daily basis to work with our small and minority-owned businesses, instead of against them.


Affordable Housing

Hardworking men and women can no longer afford to live or raise a family in Minneapolis. As someone who grew up in government subsidized housing, I am committed to making sure that everyone has an affordable, comfortable and safe place to call home in our city.

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Tom Hoch

"Mickey is smart, experienced, and committed to a vision of inclusive prosperity, affordable housing, and safe communities. We need Mickey's experience, vision, and tenacity in City Hall." 


Don Samuels

"Ward 9 City Council candidate Mickey Moore is one of the fresh faces this political season with energy, skills, ideas, and clear-eyed realism. Born and raised in Minneapolis, he cares about less crime and meaningful police reform and accountability, including putting more good cops on the streets and working with Minneapolis police Chief Medaria Arradondo, not against him."

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9th Ward Map

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